Presentation of “osmica”

What is “Osmica” ?

From the literature it is evident that at the time of Austro-Hungarian, specifically during the German emperor Charles the Great, exercised the right to dispensing wine. This right shall be continued through the reign of Empress Maria Theresa and Emperor Joseph II. Decree in 1784, growers allow 8-day period for pouring wine. According to this decree may therefore a farmer or winegrower sell their wine surpluses from previous years in the winery (“OSMICA”) under the arm. The wine can be sold in 8 days without tax. “Osmica” is announced by attaching a clump of ivy – fraska on the front gate of the house.


Our “Osmica”

We started with our “Osmica” in 2001. We host it in a large room, which was converted from the hayloft. Our “Osmica” takes place twice a year, usually around the time of Sant Martin in November and in the spring in April or May.


We offer the following drinks:

  • local wine (white, red and rose)
  • local non-alcoholic drinks (apple juice, natural mineral water)


Types of food we offer:

  • home-cured meat products (homemade cheese in olive oil, homemade bread)
  • local characteristic stew
  • peasant dish (pork ribs, pork steak, sausages, cabbage, turnips, potatoes)
  • walnut dumplings and apple strudel