Our wines

Presentation of our wines

At about acre and a half we have planted 4,000 vines on which we grow six different varieties of grapes.

    1. PINELA: Vipavska autochthonous vine that grows mainly in the upper Vipava Valley. This vine grows mainly in marl-poor soil and sandstone in the southern and well-shaded positions where the wind quickly dried the dew and moisture between the rich dried vines. Berries in the cluster are medium to large and oblong, yellowish color that the sun acquire a brownish tint.    pinela
    2. REBULA: It is a grape variety that grows mainly in the littoral, especially in the Brda region and mainly in Vipava Valley. Here are spread mainly because it is resistant to wind and best tolerating drought. It grows at higher sun exposed places, warm, southern and western parts. It loves air , marl, flysch soil and can also grow on stony soils which are usually dry. Berries of Rebula are elongated and relatively concise, berries are closely compacted together. Berries are medium large, round and yellow. The skin is thick and covered with XXX. We are processing it into dry type, which is straw yellow color with greenish reflections. Sometimes they are visible bubbles of carbon dioxide.    rebula
    3. SAUVIGNON: It is a white grape variety derived from France. They grow mainly on the terraced vineyards. Processed by the dry wine has a characteristic smell of lilac flowers, cut grass, peppers either or melon.    sauvignon
    4. CABERNET SAUVIGNON: In Slovenia, this is a major red variety of the Vipava Valley vineyards. A cluster of vines is a small, compact and cylindrical, sometimes with skrlicem. Grape berries are small and round, thin envelope of the berries contains high content of tannins, which allows aging of the wine. We are producing dry wines from it, which is expressed with a beautiful bouquet elegant, harmonious and full-bodied dark ruby red, with not so intense color.    cabernet-sauvignon
    5. REFOŠK: It is a native littoral variety of red wine. Refosco grapes are strongly colored and tastes spicy and slightly bitter aftertaste. The wine is dark purple red color with a slightly sour taste and a range of fruity flavors currants, with present raspberry and grassy taste. Above all, the taste and aroma of Refosco depends on the vineyards.    refosk
    6. MERLOT: Characterized by a vine that grows in the Primorska wine-growing region. The wine is ruby-red color with a flavor of plums and plum jam with a hint of smoke. It is a red wine grape variety that is especially suitable for producing various wines.    merlot